What To Wear To A Wedding

by - 20 June

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Have you had an invite to a wedding party but have no idea what to wear? Then look no further, as today I'll be talking through what to wear to a wedding for both women and men. First off the best thing to do is to find out if it's a themed wedding and if it is whether the dress code mentions the theme. If it does then it limits your choices, but themes can still be fun. Today I'll be talking about general wedding outfits though.
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For women, the main rule is, of course, don't wear white. That's a given. If you do somehow end up wearing white then be prepared to be told to leave. I have seen this conversation pop up a lot on Twitter over whether someone would kick their friends out if they turned up wearing white. Spoiler alert, it was mostly yes they would!

 Dresses are the easiest option to pick. There is a huge range of types of dresses available so chances are there will be something suitable that you like. The type of dress, again, depends on the dress code and etiquette level expected. Some may be super fancy do's and some may be more casual affairs. 
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For a more fancy wedding, a long evening dress is the best idea. Straps, strapless, long-sleeved - It's up to you what you are most comfortable wearing. Think details! beaded, sequins, luxe dresses are the way to go for 'black tie' weddings. 

For more 'dressy casual' weddings then a cute jumpsuit could be a great idea or even a fun little dress. It is recommended to leave jeans at home. Even though it mentions casual, it may still be inappropriate to wear jeans.
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The best advice I can give is to look at the setting of the wedding party. If it's a beach wedding then long, flowy, chiffon dresses are a great idea. Alternatively, if it's a garden party then a midi floral dress would be perfect. In winter you could ever pair whatever you wear with a faux fur jacket to keep you warm but you will still look fabulous.
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For men, the best thing to wear is definitely a suit, especially to more formal weddings. Again, if it is a more formal setting then a full suit is your best shot. This means dress pants, a blazer, a dress shirt, a tie and even a waistcoat along with whatever accessories you deem necessary. The colours are mostly up to you but darker colours are generally more for winter and lighter colours for summer. 

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If it's more casual and you are not comfortable with wearing a full suit then you could wear chinos, a blazer and a button-down or something similar along those lines. There are so many ways you can mix smart and casual to create a great outfit. The options are endless. 

It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed and if you go wearing the full formal suit then you can always remove items such as the waistcoat, the jacket and the tie if other guests are looking more casual. 
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The main thing is to wear what is most comfortable for you and if there are no stricts rules then have fun with it! Be sure to check out women dresses.

So what is your go-to outfit for a wedding? Let me know in the comments below the last thing you wore to a wedding and while you are here why not check out more of my latest fashion-related posts?

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