Essential Travel Tips For Your First Trip To Japan

by - 27 September

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Japan is a unique and fascinating country. With its ancient temples, sandy beaches, and talking toilets, this luxury destination is one that all travellers want to visit. Japan is the kind of place that will open your mind, stimulate your senses, and steal a piece of your heart. While you’re sure to make lifelong memories, regardless of how long you stay, they can be tarnished by the confusion many first-time visitors feel. To make your first trip to Japan easier, here are six essential tips. 
1. Buy A Rail Pass
A Japan Rail pass is a worthwhile investment for any traveller to Japan. Like similar passes available in other countries, it gives you unlimited access to most of Japan’s rail network, including the high-speed trains. That means you can venture out of the city on day trips. Although the pass is pricey, it’s definitely worth the investment, and can be found much cheaper online.

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2. Hide Your Tattoos Away
While you can wear almost whatever you want in Japan, you should cover your tattoos. Despite how pretty or artistic yours might be, they aren’t socially acceptable in the country. In fact, they are heavily associated with criminal gangs. Some places might even deny you access if you have tattoos on display. This may be changing with increasing tourism, but the transition is slow. 
3. Eat All The Foods
Eating out in Japan is an experience like no other. The amount of restaurants is incredible, and the service is top-notch. Even Japanese snacks, which you can order online from websites like 99japantaste better in the country. The standard of food in Japan is so high that it’s practically impossible to have a bad meal. This is why you should take advantage and eat everything.

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4. Carry Cash With You
Japan would definitely be described as a cash-based society. Even places where you would usually expect to take a card, such as McDonald’s restaurants, very rarely do. Because of this, you must have plenty of cash on hand. Although you can take out more money, finding an ATM might be difficult. Your best bet is to head to a local post office, Citibank ATM, or to a 7-Eleven. 
5. Forget About A Tip
Even if you have plenty of cash to spend, you shouldn’t tip your waiter. Not only is this not necessary, but it might be seen as rude. No matter how exceptionally good the food or service is, make sure you keep your money to yourself. Rather than accepting your tip, the waiter will probably chase you down the street, assuming that you’ve left your change behind by accident.

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6. Learn A Few Phrases
With Japan travel apps and translator tools, there is no reason why you should have to speak Japanese to visit Japan. Nonetheless, you should try to learn a few important phrases before you visit. Politeness is a huge part of Japanese culture. When you make an effort to learn the language, you show politeness, which will be appreciated by everyone you meet. 
Hopefully, with the advice above, your first trip to Japan with be an unforgettable one.

What essential travel tips do you have for the first trip to Japan? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my travel-related content?
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