CBD Oils And Flowers: Many Forms And Applications

by - 26 February

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CBD oil seems to be the new trend. We find CBD in cosmetics, in balms and creams for skincare, as massage oils for muscle relaxation, CBD flowers to smoke and much more applications.

Most of the people, even the most regular users and even patients using CBD and medical cannabis do not imagine the endless possibilities that CBD oils offer, as well as the other CBD forms that we find on the market.


CBD in the kitchen

The oil CBD or CBD flowers are used in many recipes, dishes and drinks. The interest of cannabidiol in cooking is that it diffuses slowly in the body for a long-term soft effect. If you want to cook CBD, however, you should know that cannabinoids are not water-soluble.

An infusion of CBD flowers in water will, therefore not allow the active ingredients to be extracted to obtain a drink with a relaxing effect. The presence of a fatty substance is necessary to release the CBD present in the hemp flower by infusion or in a cooking recipe.
Some amateurs, for example, use milk, preferably whole milk, to make a CBD infusion. It is also possible to add to the liquid used for the infusion a vegetable oil, butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil or fresh cream.

You should know that the higher the fat content, the faster and more efficient the CBD extraction from the flower. If you want to prepare a chai tea with semi-skimmed milk, it will take you more than two hours to obtain the extraction of CBD by heating…. If you do not like the vegetable flavours of CBD, it is quite possible to flavour the drink to your liking with cocoa, honey or a spice like cinnamon.

You will also find on the internet a lot of CBD recipes, both sweet and savoury. It is possible to cook a whole meal with CBD, from starter to dessert!
Regardless of how the CBD flower is prepared in the kitchen, it is essential to use fat and heat the preparation to extract the active ingredients.

Finally, you will find a large selection of CBD foodstuffs on the market, from chewing gum to sweets to prepared meals, cakes or cannabidiol drinks.


CBD flowers

The extraction of the active ingredient of CBD is done from the flowering tops of the hemp, more precisely from the female flowers.
The male flowers of hemp are preferably reserved for the production of seeds to obtain new plants. The female CBD flowers can also be directly consumed.

There are different varieties of CBD flowers with specific organoleptic qualities and a more or less marked herbaceous flavour.
You can choose a CBD flower according to its content of active ingredient but also according to your tastes. We recommend two ways to effectively benefit from the benefits of the CBD flower: by spraying or infusion.

It is also possible to inhale CBD vapours using a vaporizer, which will allow you to heat your CBD gently and progressively so that it gives off fumes without consuming itself.


CBD e-liquids

The e-liquid containing CBD is increasingly popular and widespread. Vaping CBD is indeed a particularly pleasant way to take advantage of the relaxing effect of the molecule without requiring a sophisticated or expensive vaper. Inhaling CBD by vaping bought from places such as Left Coast vapes also promotes the absorption of the active molecule by the body.

A CBD e-liquid containing terpenes will have vegetable aromas reminiscent of hemp. It is also possible to find CBD e-liquids with more fruity aromas (vanilla, red fruits, etc.) or more marked, like menthol e-liquids.


Buy the best CBD online

Choose a product with the concentration of CBD that is right for you; it is necessary to take into account your consumption habits and your sensitivity to the molecule. Also note, the CBD dosage will vary depending on which form of CBD you are using.

Always choose the best and well-known suppliers when buying your CBD online. Justbob is one of the most recognized CBD retailers online, and you can also find a lot of information about each CBD products, as well as tips on how to use your CBD oils.
Have you ever used CBD oil/flowers? and if so in what form? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my lifestyle-related content?

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