Best Places to Live in California

by - 04 March

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Everyone in the world has heard of California.  Moving there may seem like a dream, and these following cities live up to that ideal.  Here are some of the best places to live in the Golden State.

San Jose

The diamond in the middle of the crown of Silicon Valley, San Jose, offers more than you could ever dream.  A hotbed for technology, this area is bursting at the seams with jobs and fun.  One of the wealthiest cities in California, getting a job here guarantees a pay boost.  San Jose houses for sale often get ranked as the most expensive in the country, but the city makes it worth it.  There are numerous bars and clubs, to spend your money at, as well as a very young scene that will help you feel innovative forever.

Los Angeles

We all have images of what it must be like to live in Los Angeles.  It's blessed, the perfect distance between the mountains and the sea, with ideal weather.  Most days, it doesn't get above eighty, or below fifty, and flirts with chance encounters with celebrities.  Although this is the seventh most expensive place in America to live, it's worth it.


If you're looking for safety and comfort, Irvine has it for you.  Boasting some of the lowest crime rates, while still keeping the fantastic weather and proximity to the beach, Irvine offers something for everyone.  Although it's still expensive, even for California, Irvine promises safety along with the beauty.

Santa Rosa

Just forty minutes from the beach, Santa Rosa is a gem that's often left overlooked.  Albeit pricey, this town has something for everyone.  A low unemployment rate, paired with one of the most varied job markets in the country, makes it so that Santa Rosa is one of a kind.  If you're nervous about the cost of living, know that pay is above average, and you'll save money on things like utilities and medical expenses!


Known for its vibrant agricultural community, Salinas gets lovingly called the "Salad Bowl of the World."  Although it may seem expensive when compared to the rest of the United States, Salinas is cheaper in comparison to its fellow Californian towns and cities.  You can ensure you'll always get fresh food while getting to take part in a very active and lively town.

San Diego

There's no list about California that's complete without San Diego.  Home to incredible beaches, fantastic hiking trails, and incredible nightlife, this city does everything it can to outshine its price tag.  Sizzling hot with popularity, it's one of the priciest places to live in America, but with that price comes a laid back beachy lifestyle that will wash away your worries with every wave.

California is vast, seemingly endless, and because of that, it has something for everyone.  Although many of these incredible cities are pricey, they offer a lot that no other state can offer.  California's the place where dreams come true, so why not get home there, and start chasing your goals, as well?

If you could choose anywhere to live in California where would you choose? Leave a comment below and while you are here why not check out more of my travel posts?

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