Celebrating World Book Day With Viking

by - 06 March

*AD - The box full of crafty goodness was gifted to me.

Viking wants me to join them in celebrating the joy that books bring into our lives. I have been a lifelong bookworm so I know all about the joy of books, so to celebrate my love for books with a creative twist, this year's World Book Day I was sent a big box full of crafty supplies from Viking to create my own bookish craft.

Inside the box there was:
  • Stamping Ink
  • Ink Pad
  • A4 Card (Multiple Colours)
  • Sharpie Pen
  • Paper Punches
  • A4 Gold Frame (Unfortunately this came smashed so I couldn't use it)
  • Old Book Pages
  • Alphabet Stamp Kit
Also included in the box was a book full of book art ideas that definitely gave me some inspiration when it came to my own design. (If you want to win your own copy of book art then follow the instructions in the giveaway box at the bottom of this post).

I decided I wanted to try something similar to the cut-out greeting cards craft that was in the book but put my own bookish spin on it and turn it into a bookmark. I'm not the craftiest, most creative person so I can't take the full credit for the design as I enlisted the help of my boyfriend Alex. I asked him to draw me something to be the main basis of my bookmark and as he is into Japanese art he drew me a Japanese lantern onto an old book page to kick off the craft. While he was drawing, I went ahead and picked a bright pink piece of card to be the background and planned out the next stages.

 As I mentioned before, included in the box were 2 mini paper punches. A Christmas tree and a little heart. I, of course, wanted to use the heart one and that I did. I punched a full row of hearts along the bottom of my book page.

Then, I knew I wanted to use some of the alphabet stamps and ink pad to add another little detail to the design. I decided to stamp my own name onto the page and then also decided to add Alex's too. After all, it was a joint effort. The stamps were super fun to use and reminded me of being a kid and always wanting to use the stamps in the library (which I now conveniently use every day seen as I work in a Library!).


For some extra flourishes, I decided I wanted to add some more cut out hearts shapes but this time onto the pink card at the four corners of my page. I really struggled with this part as I couldn't get the punches to cut through the card so Alex stepped in once again to help me out. I then thought instead of wasting the little pink hearts we cut out, why not make use of them? so I stuck them onto my design and then Alex also drew some little stars and dots so it looked like it was the night sky twinkling. I also used the alphabet stamps once again but this time I chose the tiny heart one to add 2 hearts into the top corner of the paper.  

  For the final, final touches he also added some dashes around the outside of the lantern, again to make it seem like it was twinkling even more, glued everything down and TARDAH! the design was done. We had a super fun afternoon creating this bookish art for World Book Day and really love the design we ended up with. Let me know what you think to what we created in the comments below.

And now the part you are all probably here for the GIVEAWAY! So to win your own copy of Book Art by Clare Youngs that we used as inspiration for our design just follow the instructions in the box below and see if you get lucky.

The giveaway will be open until the 20th March at 11:59pm and is open to entrants worldwide.

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  1. What a fun box of crafts! I love doing anything crafty xo


  2. Backgrounds for printing over works nicely for unwanted book pages - using old music scores really looks good for Christmas cards

  3. What a fabulous box of craft goodies! Your crafty creation is so cool! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XXX

  4. I would make some notebooks for friends and family

  5. I would make some bookmarks as I am an avid reader and usually have 2 or 3 books on the go at any one time. My partner is artistic and very creative and would work through most of the project ideas in this book.

  6. Birthday cards, granddaughter loves making them