5 Ways Clothing Manufacturers Can Improve Plus-size Fashion

by - 03 June

*This is a paid guest post. All opinions are the writers own.
These days, plus-sized women are finally being recognised by clothing manufacturers. In the not-so-distant past, there were very few plus-size options. Today, it is easier than ever to show off your unique fashion sense. Clothing designers lavish plus-sized women with clothing that helps them look and feel beautiful.

Here are 5 improvements that many designers strive for.

Consistency is Key

It seems that in the world of plus-size clothing, consistency in sizing is not a massive concern for manufacturers. However, it is a big concern for shoppers. Size variations from one brand to another makes shopping frustrating. A woman may be a 16 in one brand of jeans and an 18 or even 20 in another. If manufacturers could work out standard sizing, shoppers would be thrilled.

Such sizing variations can significantly hurt online stores not catering for this market properly. One reason why Jacamo as one example, allows shoppers to tailor online. Fashion editors have pushed out their recommendations on shops for plus-size shoppers. Navabi stock many plus size brands and curate vast collections. This is the consistency, more brands should aim for.

The industry is striving for more affordable, trend-led fashion choices in this category covering casual staples that include jeans and nightwear. 

Plus Size Fashion for All

Don't concentrate on clothing for one age group. Keep the following in mind;

● Juniors, young adults, and older consumers all want to look great.
● It would help if you did not assume that plus-sized people do not want to enjoy all of the trendy clothing that comes out each season.
● Many manufacturers create clothing for the young and the old, leaving out a considerable population.
Consider designing clothing for every age group.

Shopping Should Be Easy

Whether you are a boutique, department store, or online shop, make the plus-size section easy to locate. Shopping should be convenient and fun, no matter what size you take.

Fashion and Function

Women of all sizes want clothing that looks good, and that is functional.

● Add pockets, so they do not always have to carry a purse. Keep in mind that fake pockets are useless. Broad and deep pockets that you can use are what shoppers want.
● Use fasteners that are easy to use.
● Choose fabrics that are easy to care for and comfortable.

Everyone Loves Accessories

Just as clothing is not one size fits all, neither are accessories. Plus-size women want accessories that fit their body type. Some designers seem so focused on small, dainty items that they forget that many buyers want and need something a bit larger such as for plus size going out dresses. Concentrate on bracelets with a large circumference, bigger rings, long necklaces, and even bigger shoes. Your plus-size clients will thank you.

Clothing manufacturers have come a long way when it comes to plus-sized fashion, but do not stop there. Keep doing more to make shopping for these sizes more comfortable and more pleasant. Doing so means more money for you and your company.
Can you think of anything else clothing manufacturers can do to improve plus-size fashion? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out some more of my fashion posts?

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