Second Hand September Buys

by - 09 October


Today I bring you something a little bit different, in the form of my Second Hand September buys. If you don't know what Second Hand September is, it's set up by the charity Oxfam and you basically pledge to only shop second hand for 30 days or more, usually in September but you can do it anytime you like! It's my first time being involved and I managed to only buy second hand this September and I'm hoping to continue that as much as possible for the rest of the year. For more information, you can check out the Oxfam website. Get involved by using the hashtag #SecondHandSeptember and tagging @OxfamGB on Instagram and Twitter.

Now let's get into my purchases. I bought all of these from Depop, Ryan Vintage in Sheffield and Vinted. You can use Depop and Vinted to sell your clothes as well as purchase from others too.


River Island

In August before I'd even thought about taking part in Second Hand September, I saw these amazing pink cord trousers on the River Island website. I came so close to buying them but decided to check Depop on the off chance someone would be selling a pair and they were! I managed to get these for £10 less by buying them second hand and not only that but they were brand new and never worn too, bonus! These trousers are what set me off deciding to take part in it and I'm so glad I did. 

They have this gorgeous double buckle belt which brings the waist in really nicely and they have pockets which is always a good thing! The trousers are wide at the bottom but I decided to roll them up to give them more of a cool vibe. These have got to be my favourite thing I bought throughout the whole month.

House Of CB

I've always wanted to own something from House Of CB and now I own 2 things! Their designs are absolutely beautiful, so unique and super eye-catching. I bought this pink dress and a pink skirt.

First up, let's talk about the dress. It features this amazing lace-up front which featured quite a bit in a lot of their older collections. It zips up at the back and has a boned like corset waist so it's definitely a figure-hugging piece. It is completely strapless which isn't something I usually go for but I picked it intending to wear it layered as I have here. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the jumper I layered it with so please do let me know in the comments below what you think. According to the seller, this was only worn once.

Secondly, we have this absolutely beautiful vegan leather skirt. It's in a stunning shade of pink and features a zip-up on both the front and the back along with a slightly tucked over waist detail, this gives it a super unique feature. It's again a very figure-hugging piece which I'm coming to realise is one of House Of CB's attributes.

 Champion (JD Sports) & Primark

Lastly from Depop, I picked this amazing bright orange Champion hoodie. I realised I owned very little hoodies so I knew I definitely wanted to buy one and when I saw this Champion version I knew it had to be the one. It features this black and white stripe detail down the sleeves which say Champion and has the logo on. I notice this in a lot of sports type brands and it's a detail I really like. It's also a cropped hoodie.


The trousers shown in this photo were also purchased in September and are second hand. I bought them from Vinted but they originally came from Primark (more from the other pieces I bought from Vinted further down the post). They are in this cargo style with pockets down the sides and are in that classic army green colour giving them the ultimate cool vibe. These were never worn.


Ryan Vintage (Sheffield)

Cotton Club By Block & Bershka

After trawling around Sheffield trying to find this specific vintage shop (we found it at the 5th location, google told us 3!) I gladly managed to find some good pieces. I picked 4 items which came to £10. The first been this denim shirt which the tag says it is from Cotton Club by Block. I believe it's actually a men's shirt and it is quite an oversized piece on me. I bought the shirt intending to tuck it into whatever I pair it with and I think the denim looks amazing with this snake print skirt. I also rolled up the sleeves but I feel it works either way.


 The skirt from this outfit is another of my second-hand buys but this came from Vinted. It's originally from Bershka which is a shop I always check out online as they have such great pieces. It's faux leather in this beautiful red, snake print with silver details such as the diagonal zip up the front, the zip pocket details and also the stud closures at the waist. This, unfortunately, is a little too big around the waist for me so I'm currently trying to work out how to make it fit, because of the stud closures I don't think it will work with a belt but please do let me know if you have any ideas.


Mon Miss Dynam

I am so happy I found this jacket, it was one of those pieces that as soon as I saw it I was like 'Yes! I must have this!' It's a corduroy jacket with dark grey fluff around the neckline and also throughout the whole body which means it's a super cosy and warm piece, perfect for winter. The label says Mon Miss Dynam which after a quick google looks like a French brand. The dress peeking out from under the jacket is also a September buy and you can find it further down this post.

Jinglers & Pepco

Next up, we have this acid-washed denim skirt originally from Jinglers. It zips up at the side which is odd for a denim skirt and has pockets, although the pockets inside are ripped to shreds so are unusable. I really like the worn look of this skirt and I think it will go with a lot of things I own.


 The jumper I paired with the skirt I got from Vinted but is originally from Pepco. It's this lovely pink knitted jumper in a nice fitted style. The knit is quite spaced apart so I made sure to wear a vest underneath it. It's a lovely style that will be perfect for winter.

Ryan & River Island

Lastly from Ryan Vintage, we have these super bright orange jeans. The brand tag says Ryan so I'm not entirely sure if it's the vintage shops own creation or a completely different brand but they look brand new other than the zip puller which crumbled in my hands when I first tried them on. They are mid-rise (I was hoping they would be higher waisted) but they fit well. They are actually the longest jeans I've ever owned so I have had to roll the legs up to shorten them a bit but I do feel they look a lot better that way. I'm not 100% sure what I will wear them with but no doubt I have some things in my wardrobe that will work. Let me know below what you would pair them with.


 The shirt I paired with them for this picture is originally from River Island but I bought it from Vinted. It's this blue striped button-up shirt and the material is really lovely and soft. It's the kind of shirt which can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For this shot, I tied the bottom together but it will work several others ways too.




So first up from Vinted we have this amazing denim striped two-piece set originally from Primark. I fell in love with this as soon as I saw it and it only cost £5 altogether. Both pieces have only been worn once so they are in perfect condition. Both pieces fit me really well and I think they look fab together or separate depending on how you feel. I can't wait to wear these pieces more.


If you haven't already figured out by this point in this post, I'm obsessed with denim and this dress is no different. It's this lovely denim dress originally from Primark. It features thin straps and has a lace-up detail on the front. This is the type of dress that I layer over jumpers in the winter which is exactly what I have done with this outfit. It doesn't feel too short which is always a good thing and I feel it fits me well.


Next up we have another two-piece, this time in the form of this knitted lounge set. It includes a cropped knitted jumper and these cute knitted shorts. They are both grey and look super cute together. I would probably wear the jumper out and about with other outfits but limit the shorts to inside wear. It's a comfy set and fits me well. It has only been worn once so again I feel I'm getting a great deal. Out of all these pieces I got for Second Hand September, this two-piece is my boyfriends favourite. 

Reclaimed Vintage (Asos) & Primark

This shirt is definitely in my top 3 of things I bought in September. How cool is the dalmatian print? Again it's the type of shirt which can be dressed up or dressed down. Here I tried it both tied at the bottom as well as tucked in. Let me know in the comments below which way you prefer it. This is quite an oversized piece which is something I always tend to be drawn to when it comes to shirts as I like feeling free and comfortable. The hems of the sleeves aren't like usual shirts either. They are quite flared sleeves so I folded them up as I like them better that way.


 The jeans I paired with this shirt are these lovely faux leather ones originally from Primark but I got them on Vinted. They are again not as high-waisted as I hoped but still cover enough up but because they are faux leather, they are quite tight! I can just about breathe. They are a lovely soft material though and will keep my legs nice and toasty. They had only been worn twice too.


This is the dress you saw a peek of earlier underneath the cord jacket. This one is a colour-blocked knitted dress originally from Shein. It's in lovely pink and grey shades and is a nice fitted piece. I rolled the neck down as it was quite wide and didn't look quite right beforehand. I also tried tucking it into the House Of CB skirt that I mentioned earlier on in the post. That is something I love doing, tucking dresses in to use as tops. It brings a whole new element to my wardrobe and outfits. This one was new without tags so had never been worn.

Boohoo & Primark

I really really love the colours that feature in this shirt that originally came from Boohoo. It's actually a men's shirt so it is quite oversized on me which I've already mentioned is something I love. Once again I've rolled up the sleeves and again I tried it 2 different ways. Tied at the bottom and letting it hang. Which way do you like the most? This shirt also came new without tags, again never worn!

 I paired this shirt with a pair of black ripped jeans that were from Primark. Looking at the rips, I don't think they were meant to be that extreme and I'm not sure how I feel about that. I think if the other knee was similar in how much it was ripped I would like them a bit more. I'll have to see what I can do.

 Ralph Lauren & Topshop

This shirt is another one of the pieces I really really love. It's a Ralph Lauren striped shirt in pink and it features the badge logo on the left of the top. It's the perfect workwear piece as I think it looks lovely and smart. 

 I also picked these check trousers which were from Topshop and I'm in love with them! Again they would look perfect for work but would also work as more casual trousers too. I didn't think they would go with the striped shirt but when I put them on, I actually love these pieces together. They are the perfect high-waisted trousers and they are super comfortable. They are Topshop's Joni jeans which I believe are some of their most popular skinny jeans. 


I also picked up this gorgeous burgundy faux leather jacket that I absolutely adore. I wasn't sure how the colour would look when I first ordered it but I think it is lovely! It looks really good paired with the previous outfit but I'm totally going to pair it with so many more things to really get my wear out of it. It has a belt around the bottom and is a zip-up but with these types of jackets I usually just leave them hanging open as I feel they look much better that way. This had only previously been worn twice so it's in fantastic condition.

River Island

This was one of those as soon as I see it I must have it pieces. How amazing is this mixed print? I think it's beautiful. I'm not entirely sure what to pair it with except other completely plain pieces to let it really stand out. What do you think I should wear it with? Every time I look at it I notice more prints in its details. It's a denim skirt too so it fits me really well. It came new with tags so I definitely feel I got a good deal.


Next up we have this blue cute shirred top originally from H&M. The sleeves can either be worn off-shoulder or in my case on-shoulder. It also contains a short flared sleeve and also flares out at the hem. This is a cute summer piece and probably won't come back out of my wardrobe until then. 

 Both Primark

We are down to the last few now, that is if you have made it this far! For this next piece, we have this very cool Coke cropped tee. It is definitely the most cropped tee I own and I have to be careful not to lift my arms too high otherwise I may flash someone. It's definitely on-brand for me as I'm a huge coca-cola lover. It's nearly all I drink! It kind of reminds me of a baseball shirt with the thin black stripes and the red text. It has that sporty vibe. 


 With this tee, I wore these basic acid-washed, high-waisted jeans. They feature two buttons at the waist which pulls it in for a more flattering look. They are slightly too big on my waist though so I definitely have to wear a belt with these. They are lovely and soft to the touch which makes them very comfortable to wear. 


You can't tell much about these jeans from this shot but they are basic, burgundy jeans, they are mid-rise and feature a skinny leg. That's about all I can mention really. They fit well but I need to find out more things they go with. For this outfit I paired them with the River Island shirt from earlier, styled in the same way the orange jeans were. Which colour do you prefer? The burgundy or orange jeans?

I Saw It First

Last but certainly not least (this is actually one of my favourite pieces) is this absolutely amazing colour-block pink cardigan. I'm obsessed with cardigans at the moment, especially the colour-block cropped ones. I now own 2, this one and a black, white and grey one you may have seen featured before. This one was originally from I Saw It First but the seller sold it brand-new with tags! I got an amazing bargain on this one. I can't wait to wear this loads over winter!


Whew, that was a long one. I think I managed to get a really good haul! Anyone still here? If so, what was your favourite piece or outfit? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here, why not check out more of my  fashion-related posts?

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