Taking Control of Your Fertility with Frozen Donor Eggs

by - 20 October

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As we move through different stages of our lives, we often don’t consider how each might turn out in the future. 
We might have general ideas about buying homes or getting married, but the logistics of how these major life events occur can prove to be hazy and not set in stone. We assume when the time is right, everything will work out the way it should.
Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. 
For example, what happens when getting pregnant isn’t easy, and your eggs are no longer viable?  Suddenly, you’re buried with questions about the cost of donor eggs and whether a fresh or frozen cycle is right for you.
Conceiving a child with the help of an egg donor isn’t the direction most of us expect our lives to take. Thankfully, when push comes to shove - and other treatment options aren’t working – donor eggs are a proven fertility option, which can lead to the family you’ve been hoping for.

Qualifying for Donor Eggs: Could It Work for You?

One of the great benefits of using an egg donor is most prospective parents qualify for the process. With this fact in mind, it’s worth noting some individuals are more likely to require this treatment option than others.
If you’re dealing with the following circumstances or conditions, there’s a good chance you may be an ideal candidate for donor eggs:
  • Being over the age of 40 
  • Premature ovarian failure
  • Low ovarian reserves
  • PCOS 
  • Genetic diseases 
  • Previous treatment for diseases, such as cancer 
  • Poor egg quality 
  • Unexplained infertility
Another indicator of donor egg candidacy is when you’ve repeatedly tried alternative treatments, such as IUI or IVF, with no success.

Are Fresh or Frozen Donor Eggs Right for You?

You might think the act of choosing to use donor eggs is hard enough, but the tough decisions don’t end there. You’ll also need to decide whether a fresh or frozen donor egg cycle is right for you and your family.
It’s a common misconception that fresh donor eggs are of higher quality than frozen. While this might have been true in years past, advancements in oocyte freezing have changed the landscape of donor egg treatment.
Thanks to an innovative technology known as vitrification, donor eggs can now be flash-frozen to prevent deterioration and ice crystal formation. Due to this technique, more frozen donor eggs are surviving thawing, as well. 
If you’re interested in using one of the most successful, affordable, and simple fertility treatments currently available, frozen eggs are your best option.

Fresh vs Frozen Donor Eggs

A fresh egg donation requires a delicate song and dance between yourself and your donor.
Your reproductive cycles must be perfectly synchronized, so your donor’s eggs are ready to be collected while your body is prepared for the embryo transfer. This process entails a rigorous course of medications, doctor’s appointments, and screening protocols.
Not only is all this expensive, but it can also lead to higher rates of cycle cancellations, which can be devastating to the prospective parent(s).
On the other hand, when you’re ready to begin your frozen donor egg cycle, your chosen donor eggs are readily available. All it takes is choosing your donor and having her egg lot shipped to your fertility clinic.
From there, your body will be prepared using medications such as progesterone and estrogen. Then when your body is ready, your doctor will use a thin catheter to place the fertilized eggs directly into your uterus.

Infertility Isn’t the End of Your Conception Journey

Whether you’re a young person struggling with premature ovarian failure or an older individual dealing with poor egg quality, frozen donor eggs can help you overcome the trying experience of infertility.
Most of us don’t grow up planning to use an egg donor. However, when the need arises, donor eggs present an incredible opportunity to escape the difficulties of infertility and hopefully conceive the baby you’ve been longing for.
We must remember it’s not about the journey we take to get somewhere; it’s the reward we receive at the end which truly matters.
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