Winter Trends With Katch Me

by - 21 October

 *AD - Gifted items.

I'm back again with another fashion post. This time I'll be going through a few different winter trends with you from Katch Me. Katch Me have a lovely selection of items so to only pick 3 was quite a difficult task as I wanted everything! The three winter trends we will be looking at today are vinyl, milkmaid dresses and check shirts. 

First, I'm going to start with a milkmaid dress. It's in this absolutely gorgeous black and white heart print that really stands out. I've had a lot of lovely comments about it over on my Instagram. It has the milkmaid sleeves that puff out at the top, with ruched detailing on the bottom part of the sleeve. I think that is a gorgeous extra addition. It also has a low cut chest with cup shapes too. It goes in quite nicely at the waist which is always a good thing. To add extra warmth for winter I would probably pair it with a thick pair of black tights. 

Next up, we have the final two trends, the check shirt and the vinyl which I've picked in the form of this amazing pair of vinyl trousers.
 Let's start with the shirt first. It is this lovely oversized navy and white check long-sleeved shirt. It's a fantastic piece that I will definitely get my wear out of throughout winter. It will go with a lot of other items in my wardrobe as it can be worn so many different ways. Here I have worn it open and unbuttoned but a couple of other ways to wear it is: buttoned up and tucked into some trousers or a skirt, worn open with a hoodie underneath (the warmest option) and finally half buttoned up and the bottom half tied in a knot. Let me know in the comments below which way you would prefer to wear it. 
Then lastly, we have this amazing pair of black vinyl trousers which come with a chain attached. I thought the chain was a super awesome detail that definitely adds to the cool factor of this outfit. They are a really great fit, especially around the waist which is something I sometimes struggle with. They also have pockets! You can never go wrong with pockets in my opinion. The last detail is that they are cuffed at the bottom in the same way most joggers are which again I think is a great detail. Overall I really love these trousers and again I think I'll be able to come up with so many winter outfits with them.

 What other winter trends should I try next? Let me know in the comments below and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion content?

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