6 Types Of Jewellery Styles

by - 10 December

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There are so many different types of jewellery styles in the world, so in today's post, I'm going to be going over a few of my favourites. From gold to silver, simple to statement, I love a bit of everything, so hopefully, there will be something you love in here too.

Name Necklaces

Name Necklaces are exactly what they say in the name. The main feature of these necklaces is the fact that they have your name on them. They are, of course, a personalised piece and can be customised with different fonts or you could choose to have any name or word on them. 
oNecklace specialise in personalised jewellery as they have so many different versions of name necklaces available. The two I have shown above are the Classic Name Necklace and the Choker Name Necklace. The classic one has the letters together, has a classic curved font featured and sits on the chest (depending on the size you get). The choker one has the letters all separate dangling down and sits higher up on the neck. There are two font choices for this necklace. A simple block font or funky calligraphy font. 
Another variation of a name necklace could be a initial necklace. Instead of your full name you could wear one which just has your first initial or could even be an initial in tribute to someone you love. Jewel Editions have several types of initial necklaces. My favourite which I've shown above is the Rose Gold Disc Initial Necklace

To take an initial necklace one step further, you could pick this Initial & Zodiac Necklace from Handmakes and Keepsakes. This necklace not only features your initial but it also includes your zodiac sign. What better way to personalise your neckwear?

Signet Rings

Signet rings are actually a newer favourite of mine. I hadn't owned any before now! They generally have a big circle or rectangle face with an image on and they used to be mostly worn by men as they were 'family rings'. Nowadays they are more worn for style means. These two from Daisy Jewellery are absolutely beautiful. They are both 18ct gold plate and both have rounded faces. The first one is the Sunflower Signet Ring and the second is the Bird Of Paradise Signet Ring. They would look absolutely beautiful paired with more statement gold jewellery from Daisy Jewellery to complete the look.

 Statement Necklaces

Statement pieces in my opinion are the best type of jewellery pieces. Not only do they stand out and are super eye-catching, they are also usually very beautiful designs and this snake necklace from Wolf & Gypsy is no exception. It's this stunning curved, dangling snake and it's available in sterling silver plated with gold vermeil or sterling silver. Not only do Wolf & Gypsy have the most beautiful, statement pieces, they also use eco-friendly packaging that can be recycled and is bio-degradable as well as making a donation for every sale. Win-win! 

Layered Necklaces

My favourite thing to do with necklaces is to layer them up. They look fabulous layered and are a real talking point. Pair of couple of statement pieces with a couple of simple pieces and you have the perfect stack! These four from Muru Jewellery work really well together. They are all in different chain lengths so that they sit nicely and don't clash with each other. 

They are all available in sterling silver or 18ct gold-plated vermeil with some of them available in 18ct rose gold plated vermeil so you can mix them together or keep them matching.

Good Luck Bracelets

Good Luck Bracelets are usually the type of bracelets you see worn stacked together and usually give you beachy, boho vibes. Each design usually means something different such as love, karma, guardian angels etc. They are lovely little pieces that make fantastic gifts. These ones are from Smilla Brav. I used to wear this type of bracelet all the time a few years ago. I had so many I always wore.

Teardrop Necklaces


 The last type of jewellery we have is teardrop necklaces. These are classic shapes and they usually have a gem, crystal or coloured detail featured inside the teardrop. This one from Miss Milly is in this beautiful shade of green and is made from resin. It's a real standout piece much like the rest of Miss Milly's gorgeous designs.
So which of these 6 types of jewellery styles is your favourite? Let me know below and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion content?

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  1. I sooo wanna get myself a name necklace with the sparkling emoji as well! That would be cute haha. Layered necklaces are pretty as well. But I have a bad neckline though :(

    lenne | lennezulkiflly.com

  2. Awesome post. I really liked the jewelry and I Also liked the current jewelry trends and do like the way you have described and made all the information available about trendy Body Jewelry. Thanks for sharing.