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by - 03 December

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Today I'm going to be talking about one of my current obsessions and that's beautiful gold necklaces! It was only 2019 that I started to wear gold rather than just silver and my collection has grown considerably since then, so this post is going to be a wishlist of necklaces I would love to own or pieces that generally inspire me. 
gold surface with gold accessories on
Photo from Pexels
I'm going to start with Dylanlex as they are a brand I have been following on Instagram for a while and I always post them as inspo on my stories. They do beautiful, chunky statement pieces and I would love to own one of their necklaces in the future. My current favourite on their website is the AXEL II, a stunning 4 layer piece.

If you are on more of a budget then New Look is a great place to shop. They have a whole section of gold necklaces under £10. My favourite from New Look is the Gold Padlock Pendant Necklace which is only £5.99.
woman wearing gold necklaces
If you are a long-time follower of my blog, then you know my all-time favourite place to buy jewellery is Shop Dixi. While I mostly buy silver jewellery from them they do have a large range of gold pieces too. One gold necklace I would love to get my hands on is the Autumn Moon Boho Necklace. 

Another place to get gorgeous gold necklaces is Not On The Highstreet. They are basically a big marketplace filled with many different sellers, so there is plenty of choices available. One of the pieces that stand out to me the most is the double row gold boho crystal necklace by Ashiana London.
a flatlay showing gold jewellery pieces
One more marketplace type website that is great is Etsy, again another huge place filled with many wonderful sellers and so many different price ranges for any budget. You are bound to find some gold necklaces perfect for your taste. One I would love to own is this beautiful opal, star necklace by the seller HKS Jewellery by Bhavna.

Last but certainly not least is my favourite budget place to shop for gold necklaces and that is Primark. Unfortunately, they do not sell online from their website but if you are based in the UK then you have most likely been in a Primark. They are now expanding more worldwide too. Many of my collection comes from there as I love to layer their pieces and they don't break the bank. If you are passing by I would definitely suggest popping in for a look. 
a women wearing a layered gold necklace
Photo from Pexels
So, which is your favourite place to buy gold necklaces? Let me know in the comments below or describe to me your favourite gold necklace you own. While you are here why not check out more of my fashion-related posts?

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