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by - 07 February

 *AD - Gifted items.
You should all know by now that I love loungewear. It's soft, comfy and just all around the best. The first thing I do when I get home from anywhere is changing straight into my loungewear. Today I'll be talking through three pieces of loungewear that Katch Me stock.

  The first piece of Katch Me loungewear I'm going to mention is this sweatshirt. It's in the colour mauve and is super oversized. I went one size up for this sweatshirt so if you don't want to it to be extremely oversized I'd go for your size or maybe consider sizing down too. Inside it is fleece lined which is the main thing I look for when it comes to picking loungewear and it's a long sweatshirt too which adds to the overall cosiness of the piece. I love sweatshirts like this because they can be worn in the house as loungewear or can be worn outside as everyday wear which is never a bad thing.

Next up, we have these fabulous grey, butterfly joggers. Butterflies are a big trend at the moment so pairing them with loungewear makes for a great look and a big statement. These joggers are a thinner material so are probably best been worn on warmer days and would be good for summer. They are elasticated around the waist as well as the ankle which is my favourite detail when it comes to joggers, this means they are very comfortable and means they are very stretchy too. 

 The last item I picked is this white hoodie. It has amazing ruched sleeves, which again is another on-trend look right now and is also an oversized piece. Again it is fleeced lined for the ultimate cosiness and comfiness. The white is super on-trend too so it's a must-have piece for your wardrobe. 

The good thing about all three of the items I've picked is that they are all very versatile pieces, they can be worn mixed or matched and will go with some many other pieces in my wardrobe. I'm sure you will be seeing them again in the future, especially over on my Instagram.  

Let me know in the comments below which of these three pieces I've talked about today is your favourite and while you are here why not check out more of my fashion content

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