What are the Differences Between Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings and Eternity Bands?

by - 28 June

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Rings have been worn since ancient times in one form or another. In fact, experts believe that some of the first things intended to display a romantic relationship between two individuals were fashioned from thin pieces of pliable wood. When humans began to learn how to extract, smelt, purify, and form metals, this art form was taken to an entirely different level.

It is now possible to choose from a host of different rings if we wish to show our significant other how much we care. Three common examples include engagement rings, eternity bands and wedding rings. However, you might not be aware of the differences associated with each. Let us examine these types of rings in greater detail. You can then make an informed choice at the right time. 

Engagement Rings

As we are all aware, engagement rings represent the promise of a future marriage. Perhaps their most defining characteristic is that many engagement rings are quite ornate in nature. The vast majority will also display at least one precious stone such as a diamond. A Whiteflash 1 carat diamond ring will help to illustrate how such a stone can make any piece of jewellery truly shine. Engagement rings are also known for their thinner bands when compared to other variants, as the intention is to visually emphasize the presence of the stone.

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are likewise different when compared to engagement rings. Most are associated with thicker bands and they tend to be less "flashy". In fact, many are fashioned from nothing more than a single precious metal (such as gold, platinum or palladium). The main reason behind this approach is that wedding bands will need to last for years and (hopefully) decades at a time. So, they tend to be associated with a greater degree of functionality. There can still be times when precious stones are included and yet, these are the exceptions more than the rules. 

Eternity Bands

Eternity bands are somewhat of a new concept in the marketplace and they have already made a lasting impression. The primary characteristic of an eternity ring is the presence of precious stones around its entire circumference. Thus, the term "eternity" makes sense in regards to how the stones are placed. Unlike a wedding or engagement ring, eternity bands can be designed to be worn on any finger (and even in conjunction with a wedding ring). Furthermore, weddings are not the only reason to give an eternity ring as a gift. Significant life events such as an anniversary or the birth of a child are just as appropriate.

When it comes to choosing the right ring for your requirements, we can see that a number of factors will come into play. However, never forget that you always have a significant amount of leeway in terms of the designs and stones that are employed. Thanks to the presence of trusted online diamond dealers, selecting the most appropriate option has never been easier.

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