2019 Wrap Up And 2020 Goals

by - 05 January


It's the beginning of another year which means another wrap-up and goals post. I did a 2018 Wrap Up and 2019 Goals post this time last year and will be referring back to that in this one. I'm glad I did it last year as I look back on it now and realise I forgot about some of the goals I set, so it was interesting to see what my mindset was a year ago. 

Number Of Books Read In 2019

Original Goal: 30
Extended Goal: 50
Achieved: 81

 I originally set my goal to 30 books as I'd struggled in the previous year to get to my goal of 50 but about a quarter way through the year I was already at 25 so I upped it to 50. Then ended up reading 81 altogether. That is the most books I've ever read in a year and I'm really really happy with this goal. I generally read in the bath, on the bus and sometimes a bit in bed before sleeping. I work in a library so this makes it easy to find and pick up books I'd like to read.

I track all the books I want to read and have read on Goodreads so feel free to add me as a friend over there to keep up-to-date with what I'm reading.

 Again, if you would like to see a blog post talking about the individual books I read then please let me know in the comments below.

2020 Goal: 60

I have decided to go a little higher as I think I will be able to do 60. 

Blog Pageviews

Goal: 100,000
Achieved: 27,993

Blog views were way down last year which has resulted in nowhere even close to my goal. I had slightly fewer posts than the year before and Pinterest wasn't as good for blog views as it has been in the past which may be what resulted in my lower numbers.

2020 Goal: 30,000

I will keep it low for this year's goal and I will promote my posts hard and try and reach new communities.

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Social Media Followers

Instagram Goal: 10,000
January 2019:  9790
Achieved: 10,150

I did it! The last quarter of the year I was trying to be really consistent with my posting and engaging with others and it led to a big increase in my numbers. I found an Instagram style that I like and it has really paid off. 

2020 Goal: 11,000

I'm only going to set this goal low and aim for 11,000 as Instagram is a fickle thing and my general growth isn't amazing but if I carry on the way I am, then I feel I can achieve this number by next year.

Twitter Goal: 2500
January 2019: 2150
Achieved: 2267

I didn't quite reach my goal but still feel happy with these numbers. I tweet my blog posts out but don't very often randomly tweet my thoughts so this may be why I haven't grown as much on there.

2020 Goal: 2500

I will keep the same goal and see what happens throughout the year.

Pinterest Goal: 10,000
January 2019: 6600
Achieved: 10,988

Well, I hit my goal! My growth on Pinterest was quite good throughout the year but halted a bit towards the end. I hadn't really done much different on there last year so I might need to change it up a bit for this year.

2020 Goal: 15,000

This might be slightly high but I think it is doable.

Tumblr Goal: 20,000
January 2019: 17,000
Achieved: 20,586

I barely used Tumblr at all last year but still managed to gain a fair few followers on there.

2020 Goal: 25,000

I'm hoping to start using Tumblr again to promote my posts and my pictures so hopefully, I will gain some more followers and generate some page views for my blog too.

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Brands I Worked With

Goal: To work with the other 4 brands from my list.
Achieved: No

I worked with 1 of the brands from my top list so although it's not all 4 of them, I am still very happy with that result. I also worked with many more brands last year and want to take that momentum into 2020.

2020 Goal: To work with the other 3 fashion brands as well as to work with 1 travel company/hotel on a review trip.

 Money Earned Through Blogging

Goal: £1000
Achieved: £1161

I am so happy that I hit last years goal! The year before I didn't quite make it so this is awesome. This came from a mix of Sponsored Posts (£281.13), Ads/Links (£39.37), Guest Posts (£553.18) & Affiliate Income (£27.43). I also gained a little extra money from Survey Sites and similar places (£260.79) for which I am including in my blog earnings as it is classed as a self-employed wage.

 If you would like to see a blog post detailing all the places I actually earnt money from then please let me know in the comments below.

2020 Goal: £1500

I feel this is very doable with my current momentum.

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Did I Achieve My General 2019 Goals?

I am going to start this section by looking back on my general 2019 goals to see if I achieved them before I talk about my general 2020 goals.

- Be more confident with my body and style when selecting outfits
I definitely achieved this as I am now more comfortable wearing outfits I may not have considered the year before and now regularly uploading outfits onto Instagram.

- Get back into my workout routine to get stronger again
This was a complete fail as I did absolutely nothing in terms of extra exercise.
- Visit another place I've never been to abroad
This didn't happen either but I still managed to get away abroad on 2 holidays so still feel happy about this.  

- Work with a bigger variety of brands (travel, lifestyle etc)
I have definitely achieved this as I have worked with food/drink brands on posts as well as various others.
- Upload more natural, in the moment photos
I ended up finding the theme I liked on Instagram so I don't quite do this as often but I am okay with this goal not been met.
- Start the process of buying a house
This came to a standstill and I am not currently looking at buying a house but I am still saving up in my ISA every month.
- Keep up the momentum of trying more foods
I am definitely trying lots of new things.
- Attend another blogging event
I actually attended a few so this was definitely met! You can check out what I got up to at the Meadowhall Student Night and a Cocktail Masterclass that I attended for a promo video.

- Write a bunch of blog post drafts ahead of time
This also didn't happen as I still write my posts one by one as I post them.

- Start a YouTube channel (This was a 2018 goal that I didn't manage to achieve)
This KINDA happened. I uploaded 1 ASMR video but didn't start my general YoutTube channel.
- Organise my blog information into more spreadsheets
I partially did this but not quite as much as I wanted.

- Go on a review trip 
I didn't quite hit this goal but I did go on a review meal to The Milton Arms and also a review trip to the Theatre to see The Last King Of Scotland so I am including those in this goal.

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General 2020 Goals

- Start that YouTube Channel I keep going on about
- Stay in a hotel for a review
- Attend more blogging events
- Work with more food/drink brands
- Start a workout routine and stick to it
- Earn enough in the tax year to officially sign me up as self-employed
- Travel to a new place

What are your goals for 2020? Let me know in the comments below.

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