10 Lockdown Activities to Inspire Creativity

by - 10 March

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Lockdown feels like it's been going on forever right? I'm sure by now you feel as though you have done every activity you can possibly think of in that time, but if not here are 10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity. Hopefully, there is something in this list that will inspire yours. 


Colouring and drawing have been known to have therapeutic effects so if you are feeling stressed out, let your creativity flow by drawing something fun and unique or let yourself zone out and colour in a picture in a colouring book. There are so many colouring books available now, especially for adults. It became huge a few years ago and it's something I did in the first lockdown. I probably own more colouring books now than I did when I was a child! 

Start A Fashion Blog/Instagram 

None of us can get dressed up and go out at the minute so why not turn that into a creative new hobby? Plan some outfits, get some pictures and start creating outfit of the day posts on a blog platform. Blogger and WordPress are great for creating free blogs. If you aren't as techy then start yourself an Instagram account to show off those outfits you have created. I started my blog and social media accounts around 8 years ago when I found myself with a lot of spare time and look what it has grown into today!  

Bake/Cook Something New

Now, this is one of the most classic creative activities that people have been doing in lockdown. Banana bread anyone? Why not bake your favourite sweet treats but add a twist onto them to create something you've never done before. If cooking is more your thing, why not try a meal delivery kit. I've been using Hello Fresh for the past month and it has really spurred my creativity when it comes to cooking. Never in my life have I wanted to cook until I started with Hello Fresh. There are also so many other meal delivery kits available so definitely have a look online to see what will suit you the most.

Create Your Own Greeting Cards

I'd say this one is the most creative of them all. Instead of buying a generic greeting card from a supermarket, why not go all out and create your own. Handmade items are always appreciated way more and you can personalise them exactly to the person they are for. This is something I did at Christmas and I actually wrote a post about it which you should definitely check out: How to make your own Christmas cards. You can use Design Bundles to pick certain graphical elements to use to make your card. For example, you could use a Ring SVG for an engagement card or a Balloon SVG for a birthday card. Whether you want to create the cards digitally through a program like Canva or print them to create physical cards, the choice is yours. 


A DIY Project

Another creative activity to do in lockdown could be a DIY project. Maybe you could pick a household item like a piece of furniture to turn it into something completely different or, for a more simple activity, why not create some book art? That is something I did myself last year where I created my own bookmark using pages from an old book and other crafty materials. I used Book Art by Clare Youngs which has step-by-step instructions on numerous amounts of book art projects. I need to get that book out again and try something else as it was definitely a fun activity. 
Another fun DIY project you could try could be to create your own jewellery. If you have a Circuit, why not try creating your own earrings using an Earring SVG? There are many tutorials online and it could be a fun, creative activity that could turn into lovely, little gifts for your friends and family.

Start A YouTube Channel

An option similar to creating your own blog is the option to start a YouTube channel. There is a channel for everything these days, so any interest you have, you could create a channel for it. Into fashion? show off your outfits and styling ideas. Like gaming? show some playthroughs of your favourite games or reveal tips on how to beat them. Into cooking? show off your food creations and share your recipes. The options are endless and you will learn so many skills when it comes to creating and uploading the videos themselves.

Upcycle Your Old Clothes

Upcycling your clothes is another big thing online at the moment and it's totally something you should try. Whether you have clothes that don't fit you anymore or that no longer suit your style, you could upcycle them to give them a new breath of life. Split an oversized t-shirt into a crop top and skirt co-ord, crop a pair of jeans into shorts, turn a scarf into a wrap top or even get your tie-dye on. There are so many options when it comes to upcycling your clothes that you could create a whole new wardrobe. It's definitely something to think about.

Learn To Play An Instrument

An oldie but a goodie, learn to play an Instrument. Pick up that guitar that's been sitting at the back of your cupboard or the keyboard you stashed in your loft years ago, get up a tutorial on YouTube and begin your lessons. You never know, you might come out of lockdown with a newfound skill.

Create A Scrapbook 

Scrapbooks are one of the best ways to look back on memories so why not get creative and create one in lockdown? Find the best notebook to use and add bits and pieces of your personality and your memories. Things such as photographs, tickets from past events and other symbols of representation go perfectly in scrapbooks and the best part is you can do whatever you want to it.  

 Learn How To Make Cocktails

The last creative item on my list is to learn how to make cocktails. This one is definitely for the adults but if you have children you could make mocktails too. This is something I've been doing throughout this lockdown, although so far I have only made one type of cocktail and that's a passionfruit martini. I feel I'm a pro at that one now! Next up for me to learn is a strawberry daiquiri or something similar. Choose your favourite cocktail, find a recipe, buy the ingredients and off you go to make the tasty concoction.

Which of these 10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity sounds the most fun to you? Let me know below and if you have any other creative ideas, mention those too and while you are here why not check out more of my lifestyle posts?

As a bonus activity, why not learn about numerology?

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